How much does personal training cost? 

Consultation is free and usually done via private social media, but can be done in person if no social media available.

We Charge £20 for a stand-alone training session made for you to do by yourself.

Your initial package of 8 online training sessions costs £150 and includes the initial personalised program and further progressions if needed, the trainer assessing and correcting your technique of exercise over a private social media platform, ongoing support, nutritional advice.

We charge £25 for a single face to face personal training session. Your initial package of 8 face to face training sessions costs £180 and includes, ongoing support, nutritional advice, measurements, blood pressure.  

In our experience clients who purchase an 8 session program make much better progress than clients who purchase a single session.  For bests results we may expect you to do some workouts by yourself in between the sessions, keep a food diary, broadly stick to an eating plan, aim for a regular sleeping pattern, all depending on your personal fitness goals / needs.  All this would be discussed with your personal trainer.  You can also share personal training with a friend / friends for a reduced fee each but the program will not be as personalised. We keep the cost low as we think fitness and lifestyle education should be accessible for everyone.